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Since the beginning of operation on the extended and modernized facility on December 2, 1993 the second generation vehicles are used. The nominal capacity of each cabin is 45 passengers.

Based on the technology developed by Siemens Transportation Systems the vehicles are composed from the two main elements, cabin and running gear.

The cabin is mounted on the running gear by level-controlled pneumatic strings with hydraulic dampers. For advanced stability, the carrying structure of the cabin is built from aluminium extrusions, which are known for their high corrosion resistance and stiffness in combination with low weight.

The interior of the cabin offers 16 seats and space for further 29 standing passengers. The control and monitoring systems are also placed in special compartments inside the cabin. If needed, the vehicles can be operated manually from inside the cabin.

Large panorama windows and two pairs of sliding doors on each side characterise the exterior view of a H-Bahn cabin.


Vehicle Dimensions
Length including couplings
9.200 mm
Cabin length
8.232 mm
Cabin width
2.244 mm
Cabin height
2.623 mm
Cabin headroom
2.003 mm
Height of cabin door
2.000 mm
Width of cabin door
1.350 mm
Distance between door centers
4.600 mm
Distance between running gear centers
5.689 mm
Running gear
1.750 kg
Empty cabin
4.955 kg
Empty vehicle
8.455 kg
Maximum load
4.923 kg
Permissible maximum weight
13.378 kg